Richmond Pedicabs in hibernation

We rode hard.  We rode late.  We foraged all around RVA for fruits and nuts all the way till New Year's Eve to build up our stores of fat.   And now our black bear of a pedicab lays, barely stirring, in anticipation of the breath of spring.  Only a few bottles of Hardywood Gingerbread Stout are needed to sustain our cab until pedicab provender sprouts once more.  (Special thanks to Hardywood Craft Brewery for partnering with us, and cheers to your the amazing Beer Advocate Review!)

What awaits the 2015 season?  Who knows...maybe the dopest blogging the world has EVER KNOWN.

See you on St. Patrick's Day at the Church Hill Irish Festival and roaming around The Fan after the day drinking turns to night imbibing.