The stork drops our baby

After surprisingly long wait, our pedicab finally fell from the sky into Ben's back yard.  We pondered what to do with the odd crate for a while - Dunk tank?  Chicken coop? - and then, despite the engineering and geometry wisdom with which we have both been generously blessed, we opted for the "batter don't flatter" method of extraction.  

PedicabForce One was delivered from her mother crate at approximately 4:30 PM on Wednesday, July 9th.  Approximate weight: like, a million pounds.  Immediately upon her removal from the womb she was Christened with Yuengling Lager.  5 minutes later the skies opened and poured the first significant downpour in weeks upon us all.  There is a lovely hippie name to come from all of this.  Standby for official naming ceremony.  

Ben will ride tonight, weather permitting.  See you out there!