You might wonder: "What the heck are these things?"

We offer basic rides as well as tours, and event transport with our beautifully silly tricycles, A.K.A "pedicabs."  Hail us on the street or give us a call for service throughout most of the Richmond area.  

To get a ride ASAP call (804) 286-2330.  If you'd like to email us with questions or book a ride in advance, contact us. Proceed to our prices and reservations page to learn more about our rates.  

"Why would I take a pedicab?"

For the same reason you ride a rollercoaster, a bucking bronco, or an inner tube on a lazy river - because some rides are fun.  Pedicabs are not just taxis - think of us as open-air, human-powered limousines and your expectations will be appropriate.   You may not remember your last taxi ride, but you will definitely remember your Richmond Pedicab ride!

It's a pleasant surprise how often our customers to say "You saved our lives!"  Sure, it may be an exaggeration, but we do hear it a lot.  The next time you are out on the town in high heels or wingtips, carrying the kids on your shoulders from the game to the car, or just want to take the easy way after a few Sunday mimosas, give us a try!